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My Pop-Up Page

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It's shaping up!

The framing is just about done and the pop-up is really starting to take shape!

View of one of the dining seats with the table taken out.


We cleaned out most of Tim's tools, swept and vaccumed; blew up one of our full size air mattresses (next year we will replace with new) and I put up a set of curtains.  I was really pleased with the change!


The old side curtains were plain old canvas, which gave the pop-up such a tent look.  (Before)


I had plenty of blue fabric left so I measured from top to bottom and made new curtains.  I wasn't sure what to use to attach them in the plastic track but I read a post on pop-up times where someone used buttons.  I found the easiest were 1/4" buttoms, like baby buttons and spaced them about 6" apart on top.  I wanted a co-ordinating valance, so I found a navy blue fabric with white and lighter blue stars.  It may not show up well but we really think it looks great.  Again I wasn't sure how to attach it so when Tim went to the dealers, I asked him to look at a new camper and tell me how it was done.  We used sticky velcro on the top of the camper and I used sew in on the bottom.  You just had to alternate, 3 ft. of loopy then 3 ft. smooth etc., so you wouldn't waste it.



Here's a view of the cabinets with the doors on.  Tim has to straighten out a couple of them and the old knobs really need to be replaced.  I thought they would be ok, until I saw them on the new doors, yuck!


Here's a view of the rear bunk from our first trip out.


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